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The oasis, 2017

Artist in Residency hosted by Land Art Mongolia (LAM 360°). Project supported by the Prince Claus Fund.


The Oasis, 2017 / Site specific intervention. Patch of artificial grass. Öndökhaan, Mongolia

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"Qublai did not forget he was a Mongol.

He is said to have had a patch of steppe grass in the garden of

his palace in Peking as a reminder of his origins"


Based on a chapter of Mongolian history, the artist had a patch of artificial grass brought from the capital city to the camp. Cut in a circle according to the dimensions of a traditional Mongolian yurt, the patch of grass was used as a stage for a karaoke party,  a playground for the children and as the artist refers: her very own piece of land. The Oasis is exhibited as an installation including the patch of grass and found animal bones.

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The Oasis, 2017 / Installation / Patch of artificial grass, found animal bones / Exhibition view (Detail) / Önökhaan, Mongolia

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The Oasis, 2017 / Performance. Öndökhaan, Mongolia. Photos by Bat-Orgil Battulga

Further on, after the artist’s personal fascination for the small city called Öndörkhaan; she visited the local beauty salons and submitted herself to the particular stereotype of local beauty.

Beyond the results on the artist herself, the main creative experience resided on its particular characters and their context: local beauties parading in tight short-floral-dresses, pink hair and high-heels: “It felt like an oasis in the middle of the dust on a 38 degrees day.” AB


Land Art Mongolia

LAM 360° Catalogue, 2017

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