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Mimicked memories, 2015


Made with the support of the Ministry for Culture & Arts

Bogotá, Colombia


Mimicked Memories, 2015 / Performance / 7 Women & 5 Customed Faux Fragrances / Contemporary Art Museum of Bogotá

About the work

Commissioned project  for “Muñecos de Loza” festival based on the topic "The Body and its Memory".

7 women were asked to spray perfume along the staircase of the Museum. Between 30 and 60 years old the volunteers -dressed in black- were distributed along the stairs of the Contemporary Art Museum of Bogotá. Each woman carried a bottle of fake fragrance; five of which were different and belonged to a specific stage in the life of the artist's mother. 


The performance was held during the opening night of the Festival; remaining on display the perfume bottles, its formulas on letterpress prints and the  performance volunteers portraits.


Through recorded interviews with her mother, the artist  traces her memories thorugh each of the perfumes her mother wore: from her childhood to her adolescence. Thanks to the well known supply house "perfumes Tacubaya" in Mexico City, the fragrances mentioned in the interviews were recreated (many of them no longer in the market).

The artist takes the perfume as a metaphor for the fleeting nature of  memory and the nostalgia for the past while she plays with characters from the collective imaginary in the beauty industry: the sales-women  in retail stores.

Mimicked Memories, 2015 / Performance preview  / 7 Women & 5 Faux Fragrance samples / LCI, Bogotá, Colombia

Mimicked Memories, 2015 / Performance volunteers &  Faux fragrance

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