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Fashion Victims, 2006



Fashion Victims, 2006 / Performance /  Customed dress & Pre-paid mobile cards/ Mexico City

About the work

As reference to Sylvie Fleury's "Formula One dress" (confectioned by Hugo Boss, 1999), the artist goes out to the streets wearing a custom-made dress based on the jumpsuits the mobile pre-paid card street sellers used to wear at that time.


The artist is photographed following Fleury’s work (who stands next to the former Finnish racing driver Mika Häkkinen "Flying Finn”) but accompanied by a street seller.


Fleury's piece is -as she explains- a satire on the idea that car racing is "a man's world." In the same way the Mexican artist performs a satire of the satire and questions the alleged feminism by pointing it not as a gender problem, but as a class-related one.




Fashion Victims, 2006 / Customed dress / Exhibition view

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