Fashion Victims, 2006


Fashion Victims, 2006 / Performance /  Customed dress & Pre-paid mobile cards/ Mexico City

About the work

As reference to Sylvie Fleury's "Formula One dress" (made by Hugo Boss, 1999), the artist goes out to the streets wearing a custom-made dress based on the jumpsuits the street sellers used to wear at that time*.


The artist is photographed following Fleury’s work (who stands next to the former Finnish racing driver Mika Häkkinen "Flying Finn”) but accompanied by a street seller.


Fleury's piece is -as she explains- a satire on the idea that car racing is "a man's world." In the same way the Mexican artist performs a satire of the satire and questions the alleged feminism by pointing it not as a gender problem, but as a class-related one.



*With the popularity of mobile telecommunications, street sellers used to walk among the cars offering prepaid cards.

Fashion Victims, 2006 / Customed dress / Exhibition view

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