Digital photo series & Performance

Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Andres Bedoya


Santa Cruz, Bolivia, 2010

Alejandra’s work points out the construction of the female identity through aesthetic ephemeral interventions on the body. The photographs took in Santa Cruz are the result of what might be called several performances in which the artist submits herself to the legendary bolivian hairdresser “Pippo, Hairdresser to Queens”.   Well known for his work with Beauty Queens, Pippo’s extravagant style (perhaps out of fashion) retains an authenticity result of his vocation. 

The images are a testimony, each one separated completely from the rest of the body seeking communicate the same the complexity of the worldwide processes of beauty as they are in Santa Cruz. Isolating the hairstyle allows the public to appreciate it as a sculpture and could be said that reveals at the very end the jewel that crowns every queen. It is not a work that tends to make polemic out of the ritual of beauty but proof, giving its own place of importance and allow the public to decide which is his relationship with the process.