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Catalina Restrepo, LARMAGAZINE

Analysing the evolution of her works over the years, one can immediately see that her interests centered on superficial aspects of the search for beauty, paying particular attention to what is there for all to see.

An example of the above could be found in showing the violence and invasiveness of cosmetic surgery for what it is. But eventually her interest transformed into a much more subtle exercise, such as centering the spotlight on emotional factors and arguments.

Further on in our reflection on this artist's work, we find ourselves facing a critique of the ever-present image of beauty in the media. However, Alejandra's proposal combines the sacrifice of plastic surgery with a taste of eroticism.

Through her work, the artist provokes thoughts on a strange aspect of the psychology of certain women who have passed through this kind of transformation: the more painful and expensive an operation, the higher and more complex a hairstyle, the more time spent in a beauty salon, the more the skin is stretched, it would seem that a higher level of beauty is reached, one which from all perspectives

distances these "reconstructed" female bodies from those which are natural and keep their earthly form.

Catalina Restrepo, 2012


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