MKW 2021

For this blog post, I'd like to dive deeper into the creative process and less into the final piece; that is, take a look at the intimacy of my notes, sketches and creative process.

The following series of multidisciplinary works arises from the grief caused by the impossibility of returning to one's home land: "Heimweh". The proposal has existed for a long time as a sequel to topics I had addressed since my arrival in Germany, with works such as Yes We Tan or The Oasis.

In his novel,"The Ignorance", Milan Kundera opens with the concept of Nostalgia and its various translations: (...)"Nostalgia is therefore the suffering caused by the unfulfilled desire to ret

urn (...). The Germans rarely use the word nostalgia in its Greek form and prefer to say Sehnsucht: desire for what is absent."

Sketchbook / Notes about "Nostalgia" / 2020

Sketchbook / Mind map / 2020

The journey and its experience have been the main raw material of my work. In recent years, I have become increasingly interested in the longing for the "idyllic." After Yes, We Tan! (2015), I have focused on studying the image of the "exotic" that came to Europe during the 18th and 19th centuries; mainly through movements such as the Humboldt school and The Traveling Painters.

Inspired by the adventurous spirit of naturalists such as Alexander Von Humboldt, many artists of the late eighteenth century undertook journeys after reading his journals, while others traveled by recommendation, receiving concrete instructions in artistic matters, giving birth to a new conception of landscape.

Sketchbook / Notes on The traveler painters / 2020

Sketchbook / Artificial vs Natural, Tropical Islands (Brandenburg) / 2020

Sketchbook /Contemporary tropical landscape study / Isla mujeres, México / 2020

Andrea Wulf's wonderful description of Humboldt in 'The Invention of Nature' has helped me to link concepts to my own emotions and my own creative search 'as a traveller': 'Humboldt felt, an inexplicable pull towards the unknown, what Germans call Fernweh, a longing for distant places - Wulf relates in her book.

Sketchbook / Tropical Barbie: Performance sketch / 2020

Sketchbook / Notes on the "Idyllic" / 2020

"The lost son who finds his old mother; the man who returns to his beloved, from whom he was torn away by a fierce destiny; the birthplace that everyone carries inside. The wandering Ulysses who returns to his island after wandering for years; the return, the return, the great magic of the return". - The Ignorance, Milan Kundera

From the Idyllic to nostalgia and the return

What does it mean to return to one's own home? Do we bring home with us? Or is it a limited space, which we leave behind and rebuild again and again?

Everything is connected: the longing for paradise, the idyllic love, it' s end and the impossibility of the return. We have been forced to stay home. We understand home as the space that protects us, shelters us, provides comfort. But, only if we are free to leave it; otherwise it becomes a cage, four walls that suffocate, burn, and what protects you from the outside is now the real hazard.

For this work-series I am seeking to translate my personal experiences from the core of my emotions and not merely based on concepts. In other words, not just theory, but what we actually feel.

" The human being is this night, this empty nothing, that contains everything - an unending wealth of many representations, images, of which none belongs to him - or which are not present". Hegel

The home you promised me / Acrylic and oil pastels on cotton paper / 57x80cm / 2021


Sketchbook / Studies on the concept of home/ 2020

Motherhood as home, the womb that must protect. The house that contains the house itself.


House as a place that holds, protects but equally burns and suffocates.

Sketchbook / Sketches for: The burning house / 2021

Home & Childhood

As a child, I dreamed of two things: a wooden house and a rainbow.

A rainbow is a meteorological phenomena that is caused by reflection, refraction and dispersion of light in water droplets resulting in a spectrum of light appearing in the sky.

When there is only rain and no light there is no rainbow.

I dreamed of a rainbow that I would keep in a box so that I could see it whenever I wished.

The black rainbow / Oil-pastels on paper / 100 x 70cm/ 2021

Sketchbook / Study of a Rainbow / 2020

Sketchbook / Study of a Rainbow / 2020

The purpose of life: Positivity, hedonism & satisfaction

In contemporary society under late capitalism one of the most familiar forms of the injuction to enjoy is a midly hedonist injuction centered upon being true to your self. This manifests itself in the desire to "make something" of one´s life, "to be happy". (Introducing Zizek. Christopher Kul-Want & Piero)

Studio work / sketches on paper and canvas / 2020-21

Traditionally, advertising was based on the object's real qualities and focused on raising the issue of social status. However, advertising strategies have shifted to focus on the experience and how it will renders one's life meaningful.

We are endlessly harassed but seduced by advertising. It's a great day to give is a satire on the so-called "toxic positivity" on social media and the idea that if we ignore our darkness, we will be happier. How many times does one have to repeat to oneself that it is a great day before it becomes true?

As in other works, I employ phrases or slogans to question ourselves on how we want to see ourselves, and be seen.

The purpose of life / Acrylic on canvas / 100 x 150cm / 2021

Studio work

Other works

I started in 2018 a series of collages, based on classical paintings. This is an on-going project.

Untitled / Collage / A4 / 2021