Ruf mich an (Call me), 2019

Project supported by Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes, México


Tokyo, Japan


Ruf mich an (Call me), 2019 / Polaroid

Ruf mich an is a series of projects based on found objects in Berlin. The title of the series comes from the images themselves, as  some of the original found photographs are typed on the back with the caption: Ruf mich an (Call me in German) followed by an old phone number being this one of the few hints about the identity of the women in the images, which likely date from the seventies.

The first part of the series, consists of an independent publication: A 20 pages Art Zine printed on risography featuring some of the bondage photos carefully curated by the artist.

About the work


Followed by the Art Zine, the artist developed a  fake documentary that takes place in the seventies in East Berlin. The photo-series belonged  to a fictional character named Horst Siebert (the artist's "alter ego" ) and are based on a historical research, interviews with BDSM experts in Germany, as well as on personal experiences. The images were taken in original DDR locations.


At its different layers, Ruf mich an addresses female sensuality depicted by a woman while exploring the artist's own fetishes. Taking up elements from previous works such as in Je t'aime moi non plus, the audience is transformed into a voyeur arising questionsonce again: ¿where is the line between art and pornography?