Site intervention & Performance


Öndörkhaan, City, Mongolia

Photos courtesy of LAM 360º

Chinggis City, Mongolia

Home as an unlimited space was the idea under which I worked during the residency. But what does home mean? Coming from one of the largest cities in the world, my concept of home was totally opposite to what I experienced. I came then to a passage in the Mongolian history which I decided to work with:


"Qublai did not forget he was a Mongol. He is said to have had a patch of steppe grass in the garden of his palace in Peking as a reminder of his origins"


A patch of artificial grass was brought from Ulaanbataar, and "lived" with us for the rest of my stay in the camp. It became our stage and dance floor on a rainy day, I dragged it up and down the hill, to the winter camp and back, as far as I could carry it under the Mongolian sun, I rolled it, unrolled it, chilled on it and looked up to the sky, it was for the children a playground and the answer I was looking for: a reminder of my  origins and my very own piece of land.


Further on, encouraged by the organizers and my personal fascination for the small city called Öndörkhaan, I went to visit  local beauty parlors to see what could come out. Beyond the results on myself, the real creative experience resided on its particular characters and their context: local beauties parading in tight short-dresses, pink hair and high-heels. It felt like an oasis in the middle of the dust on a 38 degrees day.