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La Limpia, 2022

Site-specific Performance

for "Der Schmuckeremit im Edelsteingarten" bei Oliver Gather

Project supported by the Kunstmentorrat NRW 


The Oasis, 2017 / Site specific intervention. Patch of artificial grass. Öndökhaan, Mongolia

About the work

"Qublai did not forget he was a Mongol.

He is said to have had a patch of steppe grass in the garden of

his palace in Peking as a reminder of his origins".

Based on a chapter of Mongolian history, the artist had a patch of artificial grass brought from the capital city to the camp. Cut in a circle according to the dimensions of a traditional Mongolian yurt, the patch of grass was used as a stage for a karaoke party,  a playground for the children and as the artist refers: her very own piece of land. The Oasis is exhibited as an installation including the patch of grass and found animal bones.

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