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Before-After, 2015

Installation & Video

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Before - After, 2015 / Video / 2 channel installation / Loop

About the work

Commissioned work for the duo exhibition “Everything is not Enough”  (A. Alarcón & A. Baltazares) as a reflection on the female body and the changes it may go through; voluntarily or not, from cosmetic surgery to motherhood.

The installation shows a collection of pre- and post-operative images of aesthetic procedures. The artist carefully selects, sorts, copies, prints, cuts, enlarges and plays with the images (obtained from medical books, magazines and websites) to install them on the wall confronting the audience with a series of broken bodies, reminding of scientific research or police investigations.


The installation is also followed by a two-channel video, where a woman paints her lips red while repeating “Before”- “After”. The image is mirrored on the second channel, creating tension between them breaking the order. There is no longer before nor after, the voices and the women overlap in an infinite chain alluding to the Moebius strip where there is no beginning and no end: The woman from Before is no longer the one from After and yet they remain the same.


Before - After, 2015 / 2 channel video / Installation view at Nube Gallery. Santa Cruz, Bolivia


Before - After, 2015 / 70 B&W photocopies / A3 / Exhibition view at Nube Gallery. Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Before - After, 2015 / 70 B&W Photocopies (Detail) / A3 

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