Luyolo (Happiness), 2012

Site-Specific intervention & Performance

Artist in Residency hosted by Greatmore Art Studios. Supported by Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y Las Artes (FONCA).

Cape Town, South Africa

Luyolo (Happiness), 2012 / Documentation excerpt /  Langa Township. Cape Town, South Africa

About the work

An abandoned beauty salon housed in a container on the outskirts of Cape Town, was renovated by the artist following the distinctive “township style”.  The color palette as well as the concept were thought considering the location, environment, services offered and inspired by the owner herself. The artist painted a self-portrait and kept the original beauty salon’s name: Luyolo which in Xhosa means happiness.

Once the renovation was completed, the container was moved by a crane truck to Greatmore's forecourt where, for the opening of the artists in residency exhibition, Ongezwa -stylist and owner of Luyolo - offered her services to the public.


The container was moved back to its original location in Langa Township where it remains to this day.

Luyolo (Happiness), 2012 / Project process / Langa Township. Cape Town, South Africa

Luyolo (Happiness), 2012 / Project process / Langa Township. Cape Town, South Africa


Luyolo (Happiness), 2012 / Project process: from Langa Township to Greatmore Studios. Cape Town, South Africa

Luyolo (Happiness), 2012 / Performance at Greatmore Art Studios. Cape Town, South Africa



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