LUYOLO, 2012


Site intervention & Performance

Langa Township, Cape Town

Mark O'Donovan

Director Greatmore Art Studios


Alejandra’s work was exceptional in that she presented a project which showed great potential for outreach to the poor communities in and around Cape Town. For the visiting artists exhibition Alejandra arranged to have an entire hairdressing salon (inside a shipping container which she had painted), transported to the Greatmore Studios site; and the public were invited to have their hair done and experience a hairdressing salon, township style. I am always looking for project which potentially can involve people who are disadvantaged in their circumstances - projects which help people to visualize a grander future for themselves; and Alejandra’s project did this.

Nicole Sarmiento


Learn & Teach exhibition (Excerpt)

Cape Town, South Africa


...Alejandra and Philip share a profound concern with notions of beauty and the beautiful, thinking about postcolonial modernities and ways in which regimes of seeing, being seen, thinking about and imagining beauty is tied to forms of violence and ways of life that have a genealogy embedded in colonial knowledge projects and the grooming and construction of modern subjects.


Alejandra’s concern is with process, the process of “becoming beautiful […] which is often not so beautiful”, as she describes it. Alejandra’s sensitive work is as much about the powerful act of listening, as it is about intervening. Hair politics, along with the politics of who tells the past and how it is told, is not marginal in Philip’s work.