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Goldankauf, Das Kollektiv

Alejandra Baltazares & Helena Hernández

Goldankauf, das Kollektiv is an artistic proposal by the Mexican duo Helena Hernández & Alejandra Baltazares.  While based in Berlin, the artists came together after the urge to express themselves through art against the extreme violence occurring everyday in Mexico. They quickly found common elements in their works and began a series of collaborations after dropping by chance into a suspicious book shop from where they took the name for their collective.


Based on a selected vintage pornographic photo collection from the shop, they have produced various works together as well in collaboration with swiss artist Rafael Koller. The duo has participated in festivals such the Porn Film Festival in Berlin and  Salon ACME as part of the Art Week in Mexico. Their work has also been published by i-D and Vice magazines in their Mexican and German editions.

One minute porn sculptures, 2016



From the series Free access. No credit card needed:  One minute porn sculptures, 2016 / Performance at SomoS Art for the Porn Film Festival, Berlin

About the work

Commissioned project for the exhibition Custom Paradise at SomoS, “One minute porn sculptures”  is a satire to an iconic piece of contemporary art: Erwin Wurm´s One minute sculptures.  As in the porn industry, where any film, any cartoon, any situation of the daily life can be turn into a sexual parody; the duo takes Wurm’s work for the Berlin Porn Festival setting up a playful stage for the visitors to follow a series of instructions and perform selected pictures from the previous found materials.

One minute porn sculptures, 2016 / Performance / Stage, found objects, instructions and visitors

Go Vegan!, 2016

Recipe book

Go Vegan, 2016 / Limited edition booklet / Letterpress by Alejandra Baltazares / Ilustrations by H. Hernández & R. Koller

About the work

A hand-made recipe book featuring illustrations and pornographic images. The artists suggest from "vegan hot dogs" to "facials" playing with the porn lexicon while addressing with humor the current concerns of their generation.


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